Koristimo neophodne kolačiće za prilagodbu prikaza stranice na vašem zaslonu i odabir jezika sadržaja kao i analitičke kolačiće za analizu posjećenosti stranicama.

Svi podaci koje prikupljamo su anonimizirani i ne mogu poslužiti za izravnu i neizravnu identifikaciju posjetitelja našim stranicama.

Podatke prikupljene analitičkim kolačićima dijelimo s našim analitičkim partnerima koji ih mogu kombinirati s drugim informacijama koje ste im dali. S time u skladu koristimo sljedeće vrste kolačića:

Detalje o našim kolačićima možete saznati u Politici zaštite osobnih podataka


Targeted business expertise

BiLog offers consulting in business process analysis and optimisation, development and implementation of insurance IT systems. Our expertise is at your service in all lines of insurance business (P&C, L&H, RE) and the full core insurance value chain (product development, underwriting, policy administration, claims). We have extensive knowledge and experience of building and maintaining core insurance, reinsurance, regulatory reporting and Solvency II tailored solutions. We are proud of our Human resources management expertise across various industries. We excel in customizing these solutions to meet our client's specific needs.

Core Insurance & Reinsurance

Our business knowledge enables us to continuously enhance core insurance solutions that we are working with, in various areas:

  • Product configuration
  • P&C/L&H portfolio management
  • Claims management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Sales-force automation (SFA)
  • CRM functionalities
  • Reporting
Our reinsurance expertise combined with insurance expertise makes us a strong partner who can implement reinsurance solution with following benefits:
  • „Pluggable” in any Core Insurance System implementation
  • Easy integrated with regulatory and warehousing software solutions
  • Enrichment of data warehouse data
  • Automated process of creating policy/cover ceding plans
  • Support and maintenance for all types of reinsurance contracts
  • Automated calculation processes
  • Reinsurance specific reporting

Insurance Regulatory Solutions

We offer consulting and development of tailored solutions for Solvency II which include:

  • ODS – operational data store used by different roles (management, actuaries, financials, underwriters)
  • Data Warehouse model built specifically for Solvency reporting
  • Support across all 3 Pillars of Solvency II regulation
  • Solvency II and local regulatory reports
We are experienced in solution for generating financial and supervisory reports in different formats for CFSSA (Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency). We can offer customisation of our solutions in order to meet specific local regulatory reporting needs.

HR Management

We can do surveys that help you drive employee satisfaction and engagement. Our 360 solutions can aid employee development or enhance performance appraisals. The automated performance management systems can boost employee output and shape talent plans. We are ready to implement such solutions in record-breaking time as we have it ready in the cloud. And we do this together with recognized HR experts!

BiLog. You can rely on!