Koristimo neophodne kolačiće za prilagodbu prikaza stranice na vašem zaslonu i odabir jezika sadržaja kao i analitičke kolačiće za analizu posjećenosti stranicama.

Svi podaci koje prikupljamo su anonimizirani i ne mogu poslužiti za izravnu i neizravnu identifikaciju posjetitelja našim stranicama.

Podatke prikupljene analitičkim kolačićima dijelimo s našim analitičkim partnerima koji ih mogu kombinirati s drugim informacijama koje ste im dali. S time u skladu koristimo sljedeće vrste kolačića:

Detalje o našim kolačićima možete saznati u Politici zaštite osobnih podataka



HRMb is new generation human resource management software. It is designed and implemented by a team of specialists with extensive experience in HR process implementation. The primary function of the system is to support the daily work of employees, to enable effective planning and to improve communication between employees and management through a simple and intuitive interface. In addition, the system allows companies to meet all legal obligations regarding employee records and various types of wages payment.

  • High security and simplicity
  • Web based multi-language interface
  • Robust Oracle architecture
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy integration with external systems
  • Oracle Exadata & Exalogic Optimized

The application is designed to maintain a high level of security and openness - all data access is strictly controlled through multiple security layers. The system supports integration with leading business systems (including SAP and Oracle Apps). Application is composed of three modules; Core, Portal and Payroll. The software is offered via web as Software as a Service (SaaS) or as on-premise implementation.


iRegula is an insurance regulatory reporting software - your shortcut to full Solvency II compliance. iRegula comes packed with predefined QRTs per EIOPA templates including comprehensive documentation. It is a user friendly, multi lingual web application that runs in all modern Internet browsers. Out of the box iRegula comes with data management, scenario oriented approach, capital requirement calculation engine, standard interfaces to actuarial software and predefined quality control checks.

  • Streamlines reporting processes
  • High data quality and accuracy
  • Automated risk assessment
  • Authorisation & auditing
  • Multi-country & multi-currency support
  • Transparency over information
  • Automated validation
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Real-time collaboration

The correct storage and management of data is an essential part of Solvency II compliance. By including data from multiple sources in a single data repository, insurers benefit from end-to-end audit trail capabilities, data consistency and transparency. iRegula provides all relevant information structured; consistent and validated data, capital requirements calculation engine and XML/XBRL reporting – all guided by provided workflow management engine.

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