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We were part of SIOUG 2015 conference

  • 14 October , 2015 / NJAKOVLJEVIC

We participated at 20th Oracle experts meeting SIOUG 2015 that took place from 12. - 13. October in Portorož, Slovenia. Many known names from the APEX community came and did lectures and workshops including Joel R. Kallman, Vladislav Uvarov, Roel Hartman, Denes Kubicek, Alex Nuijten, Peter Raganitsch, Richard Martens, Alan Arentsen and our Marko Gorički who did a presentation on APEX 5 and JSON.

Marko talked about how with new modern Web applications it is almost inevitable to use JSON format which because of its simplicity, performance and small size became standard for Web data communication. APEX 5 comes with new API package APEX_JSON which allows us to easily generate and parse JSON messages. It’s not the only solution for JSON in APEX. There are new functionalities regarding JSON that came with ORDS and new Oracle 12c database.

Read more about the topics and the conference here.

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