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BiLog participated at the 7th APEX World conference from 7-8th March 2016 in Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • 10 March , 2016 / NJAKOVLJEVIC

OGh (Oracle User Group Holland) did an outstanding job organizing this APEX dedicated event bringing leading APEX experts to share news, best practices and knowledge. Marko Gorički from BiLog did a presentation about different ways of generating JSON objects from APEX, covering solutions available before APEX 5 as well as new like APEX JSON API and Oracle REST Data Services. Marko spoke about advantages of different ways of JSON generation and pointed out that with the new JSON features in Oracle 12c database, handling of JSON objects in APEX has become really simple. There was a high interest in the presentation which was covered with examples and demo application built in APEX 5.

We are happy to announce that Marko will be having a presentation at KSCOPE 2016 on similar topic.

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